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Audi Engine Misfire

Posted on May 12, 2019 by

Audi’s are incredible cars with a reputation for offering an incredible driving experience, all wrapped up in a gorgeous chassis that is made to last. However, even the very best of German engineering can begin to falter with age or low maintenance, which can completely ruin your driving experience, leaving you feeling frustrated behind the wheel.

In this article, we will take a look at how and why your Audi’s engine may misfire and where to take it for trusted, expert repair.

How does an engine work, and what causes a misfire?

Unless designed differently for some specialist purpose, all engines tend to operate upon a four-stroke combustion system, which continues in a cyclical motion while the vehicle is in operation. This process goes as follows:

Stroke 1: Intake

The intake stroke is where a mixture of air and fuel is allowed in to the engine, via the inlet valve. To achieve this, the Audi’s piston, cylinder, and crankshaft all work together.

Stroke 2: Compression

Next, the inlet valve closes, creating a seal. The piston responds to this by retracting back into the cylinder, which causes an increase in pressure within the chamber. This is done to help make the air/fuel mixture as flammable as possible.

Stroke 3: Power

This could also be thought of as when ignition or combustion happens. The spark plugs in the engine create small sparks, which are enough to ignite the fuel in what could be considered a very small explosion. This explosion releases hot gas, which forces the piston to drop once more. This allows the energy which has been created to power the crankshaft, engaging forward motion of the car.

Stroke 4: Exhaust

Finally, the outlet valve opens, allowing the exhaust gases created by the burning fuel to exit the vehicle, with the aid of the piston, via the exhaust pipe.


This process then repeats itself again and again while the car is in motion. This cycle keeps the engine fed, the crankshaft whirring, and the excess fumes carried away to the exhaust pipe.

If this process is interrupted or a part fails in the system, then engine misfire occurs. This will either cause your car to run poorly or fail to start. There are three kinds of misfire which can occur: the air/fuel ratio (lean misfire), the ignition process (ignition misfire), or a misfire that is causes by the failure of mechanisms, (mechanical failure).

Why does this happen?

As the above paragraphs show, a vehicle is a complex series of systems, and a failure of any part can cause misfiring. However, in this article, we will focus on the most common misfire issues of Audis. In general, misfiring can often be avoided by regular routine maintenance.

Failing Fuel Injection System

With age or little maintenance, your vehicle’s fuel-injection system could become clogged. This can cause misfiring because it prevents the correct ratio of air and fuel, which can make fuel ignition difficult.

Wiring Issues

Certain parts of your Audi are in constant use, and as your car ages, these parts can deteriorate. Within an engine, one of the most common parts to start to fail is the wiring for the spark plugs. If your Audi’s spark plugs are not functioning correctly, then the fuel may not properly ignite at all, resulting in a car which struggles to drive or doesn’t start at all.

Crank Position Failure

Your Audi’s crankshaft has a crank position sensor. This sensor informs your car’s onboard computer of the positioning and rotation speed of the shaft, allowing it to regulate other factors of the engine. If this part fails, expect regular misfiring or even being unable to start your Audi.

Audi Engine Misfire Fix

TechWorx AutoHaus

If you are an Audi driver living in or around the East Dundee area of Illinois and are struggling with regular engine misfire, TechWorx AutoHaus will fix your problems. With a host of five-star reviews and years of expertise with German engineering, we will have your engine purring like a kitten again in no time. Please call our office to set up a consultation or to schedule an appointment with our trained experts. TechWorx AutoHaus will earn your trust with our expertise.

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